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"We have been meaning to send a note for a while but keep forgetting. After our cleaning today I thought I’d do it right away so it didn’t drop off the list again. We wanted to let you know we have been extremely pleased with Debbie and the job she’s done over the past few months. She is always friendly, happy, thorough, and professional. 

Her work is always great and you can tell she takes pride in the job she does. It shows! In the rare case we had an issue she quickly resolved it and it was never an issue again. As you know, it’s the attention to detail that usually makes the difference and Debbie is very good at handling the details in our house. Our house shines when she leaves. We’ve even had guests comment on it."

Kendall & Lisa of Longview WA 


"I want to say today's cleaning was outstanding... Whoever was here today really took the time do a great detailed job and I really appreciated them cleaning the way they did today!!"

Charlotte of Longview, WA 

"Thanks so much for passing along the kudos. I appreciate it. Also, thanks for running such a great business with great employees. Everyone does a great job. I frequently recommend NeaterMaids to family and friends."


Cody of Kalama WA


"I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of NeaterMaids, who I have used as a cleaning service for the past year. 

NeaterMaids has continually impressed me with their cleanings and as a company. They not only work efficiently, but also ask for feedback to make sure that they are not missing anything. My house has never been so clean!

I feel very comfortable with the caliber of people that are employed by NeaterMaids and Tina is fantastic to work with; she goes out of her way to fit cleanings into your budget & your schedule. I have found her, as well as her staff, incredibly easy and pleasant to work with. 

I would, and have, recommended NeaterMaids to my friends & family, without reservations. "


Adriane of Longview, WA 


"Tina has been our house cleaner for several years. She is efficient, responsible, professional and completely trustworthy.
I would recommend her highly."


Carol of Longview WA


"NeaterMaids provides clean services for our family. I have been a client for quite awhile. Before finding Tina and her staff, I tried several other cleaning services. I had trouble with each company showing up at the set date and time we had arranged; even though they were regular appointment every other week. I have never had an problem with the Neatermaids staff arriving at the agreed upon date and time. The staff is very friendly and they always do a great job."


Shelly of Longview, WA


"My husband and I have had Tina clean our home for about three years and my parents (whom are elderly) have had her and her girls in to clean their home for about the past five years. Tina is very reliable, conscientious, easy to work with and does a good job. Above that, she is very personable and you feel comfortable having her in your home. We have all enjoyed working with Tina and appreciate her help."


Ronnie & Terri of Longview, WA 


"Let me start with how wonderful it is to have Tina and her staff in my home. She is trustworthy and I have never once worried about leaving them alone to clean. I have complete faith that when I return, the house is better than when I left it. It was so amazing to have her ask me that if anything was not done to my high standards, they would return, free of charge, to fix it. I might add that they never had to come back! If there was ever anything extra I needed done at the last minute, they would accommodate me, always with a smile.


Her estimates are right on. Tina knowhow to deliver high quality cleaning services and will let you know how much it will cost up front. No amount of dirtiness intimidates these women, it is amazing to watch them clean with such efficiency. 


Having a 2 yr. old, a busy spouse and 3 cats is enough stress for me as I am a neat freak. But Tina, in her calm and patient ways, assured me by her actions that she could handle it. At least one of the above mentioned creatures were always under her feet, but she and her staff are so sweet and kind, never complained. I do not hesitate one bit in whole-heartedly recommending NeaterMaids to anyone who is looking for professional housekeeping services. They are more than capable and responsible to handle anything you throw their way.

Excellence and honesty are what these ladies are all about!"


Jodi of Kelso, WA


"NeaterMaids have been my homecare professionals for six months. I have found NeaterMaids to be not only dependable and capable, but the communication with Tina is open and honest leading to an excellent working relationship. I would recommend NeaterMaids to anyone requiring thorough and professional homecare."


Sarah of Longview, WA 


"Tina came into our family’s lives five or six years ago. Our parents had reached a point they needed some domestic assistance in their home. Though having someone they didn’t know come into their home wasn’t an easy transition, particularly for our mom, it was something that allowed them to remain at home. The alternative was moving to a retirement facility, which was much less desirable to them.
Tina proved to be competent, trustworthy, and sensitive to our parent’s needs. She continued to work for our dad until a year ago when he passed away. She also became their friend, which we think is an indicator of her calm and patient nature with the elderly. The bond amongst the three of them was a lovely bonus for all of them.
We continue to employ Tina at our Kelso home. She is efficient and business like in her approach to her work. She is not intrusive as she goes about her duties, is self directed, and since we are not full time residents in Kelso it is reassuring to have someone we trust and have confidence in, watching out for us and our home.
We have not hesitation recommending Tina and are happy to recommend her."


Kathy of Kelso WA


"I could not be more please with the services I received from your company yesterday. The team arrived on time with their game faces on and immediately got to work killing some dirt! If they took even a two minutes break the entire 3 hours they were there I didn’t see it, they were diligent and professional. Thank you for the great job."


Georgia of Kalama, WA 


"In the time I have employed Tina as a housekeeper, I have found her to be trustworthy and efficient. She is prompt and has always gone out of her way to complete her tasks in a timely manner and with superior effort. Her work ethic is excellent and she has always gone out of her way to complete extra jobs for me without any prompting. She always leaves a short note explaining her work and asks any questions for the next time, which I find to be very helpful. I am pleased with her performance in all tasks and would highly recommend her services."


Laura of Longview WA


"Tina has worked for me every other Monday for about two years. In all that time she has never been late.
She vacuums and mops the floors and does many other jobs I have for her. Her work is excellent. I highly recommend her."


Francis of Longview WA


"Tina has worked for me for the past four years and I have been very happy with her work. She has been very easy to work with also. If I need extra work done she has always found a way to accommodate me and when we go on vacation she has handled that well also. She has always encouraged me to let her know if I notice something that needs to be done or was not done to my liking. Also, since I have known Tina for the past eighteen years I completely trust her. I have never been concerned about being gone when she comes and I know if she tells me she will be here one or two hours that is the amount of time she will be here. She always calls if she cannot come or will be late. She is a great person to work with."


Sharon of Longview 


"I would highly recommend Tina (NeaterMaids) for housekeeping services. She is very prompt, very concerned to make sure that what you want done is taken care of and she is very trustworthy. I trust her completely in my home."


Celeste of Longview WA


"One other thank you to Leann and Jim - yesterday when they got here our basement was flooding from the ground water. The girls started trying to get it under control and Jim and Leann started helping them move things out of the way and soak up the water - they were so nice and helpful to the girls. Water was in the teen room and bathroom - and quite a bit.
They called Rich and he got home as quick as possible and started working outside to make sure we had all of the surface water diverted while the others were continuing to work inside - but it was really coming in from the ground. They called me and I headed home to Federal Way to try to help. So they might not have spent time cleaning yesterday, the time they spent here helped us immensely - great focus on what is important. Please pass on our THANKS!"


Customer Response


"Tina Quick’s NeaterMaids did my annual Spring cleaning this past week. I have had them clean my home for 3 years. They do an excellent job with their cleaning. They are very willing to go the extra mile to please their clients. I would highly recommend the NeaterMaids."


Priscilla of Longview, WA


Want more? Just let us know. References are available upon request.

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